First Sunset in Tegel in 2013

As you’ve noticed, there have been a couple of days without photos, and I owe you an explanation for that. This blog was over the last months a great way for myself to get feedback about my photography and develop my skills. But know I feel that I have to make the next step. Therefore I’m currently busy reconstructing the website, to offer you even better photos and much better content apart from that. Stay tuned and feel free to follow me on Twitter to stay up to date when the new site is launching!

To the photo: January 2013 wasn’t the best month for outdoor photography so far. It was grey and sad, I never saw a bit of sun until last Friday. Then immediately I took my cam and went to the lake (it seemed like everybody with a camera had the same idea). Luckily the lake was still a bit frozen, so it provided a very nice reflection of the sun.

First Sunset in Tegel in 2013 (HDR)

Off the tourist routes in Prague

You probably know that. You’re on a trip in some amazing city, you know which places you have to visit or else you will feel like you’ve missed out on something. But on those places are just so many tourists. So sometimes you get off the track and are alone surrounded by beauty. That’s why me and my girlfriend are doing such “trips off track” on purpose and that’s how we ended up in this small street in Prague.
Off the tourist routes in Prague (HDR)

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University of Wroclaw by Night

Did you ever try to take a night shot without a tripod? First thing you try is to put the camera on something stable to keep it steady. In this case, unfortunately there was nothing stable around. So best thing I could do is to put the cam on the ground and keep it steady with my hand. Obviously that took me a lot of shots to be somewhat pleased with the result. Luckily things changed now that I have my tripod.

On the photo you see the main building of the University of Wroclaw (Uniwersytet Wrocławski). Established in 1702 the University of Wroclaw is one of the oldest higher education institutions in Central Europe.
University Wroclaw by Night (HDR)

Old Port in Treptow, Berlin

Did I complain about the weather yesterday? Here you see why. That’s pretty much how all 2013 looks so far in Berlin. Grey and cloudy sky, day in day out. I think they counted something like 30 minutes of sunshine this year.

But okay, you have to make the best of it and so we went out to take some photos anyways. This one is taken at the old port in Treptow, an area in south-east Berlin. They prepared for some exhibition, so the building was still enlightened when we’ve been there. And actually the grey sky is a nice contrast to the golden lights.

Old Port in Treptow, Berlin (HDR)

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