Evening in Tegel

Evening in TegelTegel, the place where I grew up and the place where I currently live. When people come to visit me, almost always I hear them say “You really still live in Berlin? I thought it would be much more chaotic in such a big city.” Well yeah, it is. But luckily there are parts which are quite relaxed. And Tegel is one of them. And that what makes Berlin so awesome. It’s a huge city with all advantages and disadvantages. But still there are so many green areas that make you forget you’re in one of the biggest towns of Europe.

 Camera: Canon 500d | Lens: Canon EF-S 18-55 IS | ISO: 100 | Exposures: 3
Aperture: 22 | Focal length: 18mm | Exposure time (middle): 1/40 | Tripod: Manfrotto 190CXPRO4


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