First Sunset in Tegel in 2013

As you’ve noticed, there have been a couple of days without photos, and I owe you an explanation for that. This blog was over the last months a great way for myself to get feedback about my photography and develop my skills. But know I feel that I have to make the next step. Therefore I’m currently busy reconstructing the website, to offer you even better photos and much better content apart from that. Stay tuned and feel free to follow me on Twitter to stay up to date when the new site is launching!

To the photo: January 2013 wasn’t the best month for outdoor photography so far. It was grey and sad, I never saw a bit of sun until last Friday. Then immediately I took my cam and went to the lake (it seemed like everybody with a camera had the same idea). Luckily the lake was still a bit frozen, so it provided a very nice reflection of the sun.

First Sunset in Tegel in 2013 (HDR) 

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