Verona from Castel San Pietro

Verona from Castel San PietroWe only had one day in Verona on our Trip through Italy, and unfortunately the day wasn’t the best to take photos. All day it was kind of foggy and the sky was more grey than blue even though it was quiet warm. So in the end I came out without any picture with which I would have been completely satisfied. However, the Castel San Pietro gave you such wonderful opportunity, I had to take some photos of the city on the Adige. But to see it from the bright side, that gives me opportunity to try to make the best out of those photos anyways. Verona is very beautiful, so I try my best to play around with some normally not used options in my plugins. This one has rather high contrast making it look more like a painting. Tell me what you think.

Camera: Canon 500d | Lens: Canon EF-S 18-55 IS | ISO: 100 | Exposures: 3
Aperture: 22 | Focal length: 18mm | Exposure time (middle): 1/30 | Tripod: none


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